Why Choose Us?

Westwood Dental Esthetics Is Proud To Serve People With Dental Solutions

Located in Westwood in California, we are the leading set up for dental problems. We cater to people in the region as well as patients from far and wide. Our dedicated team working under Dr Kaivan Kiai has been responsible for solving issues pertaining to teeth and oral cavity. Lots of people are now our regular visitors and spread the good word about us. Such success has been achieved by Westwood Dental Esthetics because of the comfort and wide range of dental services that is provided here.

Our Mission

Wide range of services

When patients walk into our clinic, we make sure that they are relaxed and discuss their issues freely with our dentist. Dr Kiai is highly trained and experienced in various types of procedures. There is a wide range of dental solutions that he can very efficiently deliver. We deal with cosmetic dentistry, putting bridges, crowns and implants, along with teeth whitening and endodontics. All the procedures are carried out with advanced instruments and no injuries, so that when you walk out of the clinic, you are satisfied with the solutions.

Best dentistry practices

Our dentist uses the right judgment and more importantly discusses the details with the patients. This will make you relaxed and get the complete knowledge of the procedures and the problems. We have been serving the region of Westwood since a long time and have helped many people get relief from their dental and oral problems. So, if you are seeking expert dental solutions, check out our clinic at Westwood, which is quite accessible and easy to find.

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