Invisalign Dentist in Westwood

Fitted And Appropriate Invisalign For Setting Teeth In Alignment

For having crooked and ill-set teeth, you may be quite disturbed because of the appearance. This is a problem that is found with lots of people because of which they visit their dentists. Aesthetically, such set of teeth may not be liked by many as they want straight and aligned teeth. Properly aligned teeth will surely improve the looks because the regularly arranged dentition adds to the smile quotient. If you are having an irregular set of teeth with distorted line and rotated tooth with gaps in between, check with our dentist at Westwood Dental Esthetics. Dr. Kiai will help you in getting the right kind of orthodontic or prosthodontic treatment, which will give the best appearance for your particular face and smile.

Advantages in Invisalign quite a lot for patients

Our dentists can use Invisalign to bring your set of teeth to regular size and arrangement. This is a special kind of aligner that doesn’t make use of wires and braces and instead is having a transparent color that suits the teeth. When put over the teeth inside the oral cavity, it appears as if nothing is fitted. So, you can freely smile without fearing that others may see that you are getting your teeth fixed. Also, it doesn’t lead to any injuries that may occur due to the wires.

Easy to take care as per dentist’s directions

Taking care of Invisalign is quite easy with the right kind of directives as given by our dentist. This will not only make these prosthetics work for long but also keep your teeth and oral cavity free of any diseases. It can be changed at frequent intervals and there is freedom from the worrying wires and such procedures.

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