Meet Dr. Kaivan Kiai

Emergency & After Hours Dentist in Westwood

Taking Care Of Your Dental Problems, Dr Kaivan Kiai With Expertise

In the hands of Dr Kaivan Kiai, dental surgeon in Westwood, you can find the best treatments for varieties of dental problems. There may be the simple problem of toothache or the complex surgeries of root canal treatment. For all types of such problems, and even for cosmetic and aesthetic solutions, you can come to Dr Kaivan Kiai, who is one of the experienced dental surgeons in the area of California.

Apart from being able to provide varieties of dental care, Dr Kiai is known for his involvement in social causes.

He has been a member of various dental associations and doctor’s associations since a long time. Besides, he is involved in research to some extent, amidst his busy schedule.

  • Steps of dental care treatment are all provided in the most efficient manner

But, what appeals to a lot of people coming to this clinic in Westwood is the comfortable ambience that is provided in the set up. This is because of the well mannered behavior of the doctor and his staff, who take care to ensure that your issues are addressed to the best possible extent. So, be it surgery or simple cleaning or whitening of tooth, patients are provided the right advice and treatment. The counseling process is also quite smooth with adequate time devoted and explanations are all properly given to the patients. When you visit Dr Kaivan Kiai’s dental clinic in Westwood, you will find it a place which you would visit again and even refer the same to your friends. If you are in need of dental solutions, then Westwood dentist would be the right person to approach.